Food is Everything!

Okay, maybe not everything, but it sure is an important part of most aspects of our lives. Food can be delicious, beautiful, fragrant, and vibrant.  It can be nourishing, satisfying, filling and comforting.  It can be enjoyed socially, with family, and friends.  Food is emotional, healing, energizing, and powerful.


Sometimes food can be confusing, frustrating, time consuming, expensive and can even become addictive.  Food is not the enemy, it’s an ally, and if understood and used properly, a life force more powerful and sustaining than anything else.  

Food is truly good when it both tastes good TO us, and is nutritionally good FOR us

Is it possible to have both?  Is it possible to have a food taste and be good?  Why yes it is!


I believe there is a balance in the way we need to look at food. The more I research and study food, nutrition, and its effects, the more I’m brought back to a simple way of eating that seems to serve everyone’s needs – eating real food in its whole form (banana and mango peels discarded of course).  Sure, there are times when we use small amounts of something that has been minimally processed to help with the flavor of things.  But bottom line; if it’s made BY a plant, it’s probably going to be nourishing. If it’s made IN a plant, stay away from it.


This blog will help you discover ways to enjoy nourishing, wholesome, and delicious foods. Together, we’ll explore how good food can lead to greater health and happiness!

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